Date: October, 2019
Services: Print, Graphic Design, Illustration

When I started art school in Den Bosch in 2012 I soon moved to Den Bosch too. The place where I moved to became my home for a good six years, the infamous Zusterflat, a big building housing 90 students at a time. The actual name of the building is ‘Huize Bloemenkamp’ (cause it’s located at the Bloemenkamp), but since it was the home to 180(!) nurses working at the hospital on the other side of the road it was dubbed zusterflat, even while it was full of students instead of nurses.

After seven years of housing students and other young people it’s finally closed the doors in the summer of 2019, which is when I moved out. It’s currently home to squatters but will soon be taken down entirely to make room for new architecture.

As a kind of souvenir to myself but also the many many other people that once lived here, I decided to make an illustration of the building, as you can see here! Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested, I still have a couple A4 and A6 size prints left.