VanVelzen Vrienden

Date: 2010 - 2016
Services: Graphic Design, Print, Webdesign, Wordpress

Not just the idea (original, thoughtful, thought through), but also the implementation (careful, creative, beautiful) are incredibly well done. I dare say that this is the most beautiful gift a Dutch artist ever got from their fans!

– Roel van Velzen

The fanwebsite (previously VanVelzenFans) is a project that I started working on in 2009, together with Anne van Ruitenbeek. On the website we wrote newsarticles, kept an up to date calendar and made sure that everything that could be found about VanVelzen on the internet, was on there. Through the years the website has had a lot of different looks coming from my hand, and you can look at the current version over at

Apart from the website we also gave ourselves a big yearly project for quite some years. To make a big birthday present from a big group of fans. This is something I’ve done with a lot of pleasure from 2009 until 2015. In the last years we made a website, a book full of recipes from fans and even a documentary. You can take a look at all the projects over at