Party Into The Future

Client: Vierdaagsefeesten
Date: July 2017
Services: Graphic Design, Illustration, Print


Going out without leaving a footprint, at the four days marches and its parties in Nijmegen, they’ve already been doing this for years.

At the Museumsquare this was the start for all kinds of activities that fit the description ‘Party into the Future’. With something for everyone, the square was filled with activities like a VR-experience, an escape room, coffee ceremonies from Eritrea, yoga, athletics, and of course music. While enjoying a vegan-croquet, a machine printed pancake or edible insects and a beer from the ‘Fontijnbar’ you could easily wander around for hours.

This all should go together with a nice hand-out, that I made in collaboration with Einder. Another illustration to get lost in (with thanks to Het Lab) that gives you an insight of all that’s happening on the square. With an event that’s this big, a website should also be available so was build in the same style with icons and gradients as seen on the square.