Over The Waal

Client: AKV | St. Joost
Website: akvstjoost.nl
Date: 2013
Services: Prototyping, Lasercutting, Illustration, Graphic Design, Print

‘Over De Waal’ (translated as ‘across the Waal river’ or ‘about the Waal river’) is a bicycle-route map. The city that I picked was the one where I was born, Nijmegen. A town nationally famous for its Waalbridge. However, not as famous are the other bridges you can use to cross the Waal. That’s why this map shows a route across all the different bridges, with an additional infographic. This includes the kind of transport you could take crossing the bridges, info on the height and length, and year of construction.

Back in 2013, I cut the entire thing by hand. When I discovered the lasercutter machine a couple years later, I decided to redo the whole thing. That ended up with an end product that was a lot cleaner. Of course, both methods were a great learning experience which made it a lot of fun to do the whole thing all over again.