Client: WWF Netherlands
Date: November 2017
Services: Graphic Design, HTML / CSS, Webdesign, Research, Prototyping
With: Bea IbeasBuğra KantarMonica Vogel


Making simple changes in your diet can have a bigger impact on reducing your carbon footprint than by never driving a car again.

In my first Master Digital Design project I worked for the client WWF Netherlands. This was a 6-week project in a team of four, right off the bat in the school year. The goal was to create a 5-year, digital, one-to-one strategy on creating awareness about the WWF’s new approach and inspire the target audience into a life-long change of behaviour towards preserving the our planet.

The target audience that we focussed on was one that was kind of missing in the WWF’s current audience; the millennials. The current audience includes young kids until the age of 12 and young parents, the gap lies between these two groups so we focussed on the people between the age of 21 and 30 years old because these are the people that have moved out and ready to start living their own life.

Foodprint is a platform for millennials with sustainable recipes, product information and environment-friendly tips that helps planet-conscious people eat better both for themselves and the earth. Within this concept we initiated to collaborate on multiple different things: data, marketing and finances. Collaborating with and CleanMetrics Corp. can provide the platform with food product information in the Netherlands. Collaborating with social media platforms, famous cooks, bloggers, and others the platform will be marketed with different partners. The financial collaborations will be with IKEA, Philips, IBM, GE, Adidas and more to maintain the strategy goals over time. I’ve been working on the design and then the coding part of the platform together with Monica, who created the basis for this. Using the ‘flex box grid’ we managed to create the start of the platform within a short period of time.