Dindin Design

Date: 2020
Services: Illustration, Handlettering, Wordpress, Graphic Design, Print

After I started to work full-time as a freelancer in the summer of 2019, I realized I had enough time and energy to do some more projects without a client. Apart from doing a lot of handlettering work to practice, I thought it would be a good time to try something entirely new. And so, I opened up my first serious webshop; DINDIN DESIGN.

The Zusterflat-illustration that I sold to a handful old roommates and people I shared the flat with was a good way of testing the water. Looking back, I think that’s what inspired me to set up an entire shop with (mostly) T-shirts with designs from my hand. There were many months spent on doing research on all kinds of different things, and things started taking shape after I decided to use a Print-On-Demand (POD) service called Printful, who have a wide variety of products to print and embroider and are easily implementable in any woocommerce or other kind of webshop.

The shop opened officially in february 2020 and after roughly a month there were almost a hundred products delivered all-over the world, from over 75 different customers. This was mostly with thanks to two amazing people who both run an Instagram account dedicated to BBC’s Fleabag and (actor, writer an producer) Phoebe Waller-Bridge. I approached both of them and they were really excited to have the Fleabag-inspired shirt sent to them so they could put it on their instagram, reaching exactly the right people for that specific shirt!

Check out the first 15 designs and be sure to check out the store itself too: