Bonne Suits Everyone

Client: Bonne Suits
Date: 2020
Services: Graphic Design, Print

Bonne Suits Everyone is a posterseries for Bonne Suits, an Amsterdam based brand creating suits for, well… everyone! The series was created for a competition in celebration of the iconic unisex suits, by only adding bold text to the images the suits really are the star of this show, but of course I couldn’t help myself adding some puns as well.

About Bonne Suits:

Bonne Suits is being united in diversity. It is you and me, and all those others. It is recognizing yourself in the other. It is being together, it is for everyone. Bonne suits is emphasizing your identity by losing it. It is what remains, the true person without any judgement or mask. It is a gentle attack against loneliness, it is a suit in which you can be anyone or no one at the same time. It is more than a fabric, it is a second skin. Bonne Suits is an orchestra, a uniform unity, a collective sound in which everyone sings their own tune.