About us

Master Digital Design

We are four students from the Master of Digital Design from Spain, Czech Republic and The Netherlands. For the Digital Life Centre we focused on the digital guidelines for design when it comes to the visually impaired. Based on both desk as well as field research we have made this website. More info at masterdigitaldesign.com, or get in touch with Beatriz Ibeas, Genevieve Korte, Bambi Boland or Ondra Kocholaty.

Picture of Bea Ibeas Picture of Genevieve Korte Picture of Bambi Boland Picture of Ondra Kocholaty

Joey Van Der Bie - Digital Life Centre

Picture of Joey van der BieJoey van der Bie is the project manager and researcher of the EyeBeacons: Wayfinding in Public Spaces project which focuses on the wayfinding of VIPs. Located in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam University of Applies Sciences the Digital Life Centre concentrate on sensors and digital information in day to day life. They look at technology, big data and design methods in an applied way. They view Amsterdam as their own ‘living lab’. More information at digitallifecentre.nl

Wayfinder Watson

For our project we were asked to design a wayfinding app for visually impaired people. When we realized it would be helpful to write guidelines on how to design for VIPs we also started working on the website that you're currently visiting. Below is a showcase video of the prototype of the app in use: