An enthusiastic designer from the Netherlands, based in Den Bosch.

My journey officially began in 2016 when I graduated as a bachelor graphic designer from the art academy St. Joost in Den Bosch. Eager to plunge into the design world, I found myself at Het Lab ‘ontwerp + advies’ in Arnhem immediately after graduation. But destiny had more in store after finding the brand-new master’s program in Amsterdam: Master Digital Design. In the summer of 2018 I graduated, again, armed with fresh insights.

Since then I’ve worked as a freelance designer with part-time jobs as a teaching assistant at the Master Digital Design and concept-designer at Wood&Apples.

Stone-Cold Graphic Alchemy

My obsession? The minutiae. Every dot, every pixel—I coax them into place until they hum in harmony. Stone-cold graphic design is my forte. Whether it’s a sleek logo or a sprawling mural, I’m the architect of precision.

The Art of Letters

As a typographer and handletterer, I revel in the dance of curves and serifs. Each stroke tells a story, each ligature whispers secrets. From ink-stained parchment to digital screens, I breathe life into letters.

Analog Soul, Digital Pulse

But wait, there’s more. My coding prowess isn’t just a footnote. Armed with Arduino wizardry, I tinker with the digital realm. Websites? Sure. Interactive installations? Absolutely. I’m the bridge between analog nostalgia and pixelated dreams. So, fellow dreamer, let’s create magic. Whether it’s print design, handlettering, or a digital odyssey, I’m the Cross Medial Wizard you’re looking for.

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