Gemeente Arnhem
Made at:
Het Lab

One of the projects that i’ve worked with during my time at Het Lab that I enjoyed working on the most was this big ‘search image’ of the city Arnhem. Commissioned by the municipality of Arnhem we made this big illustration as an addition to the perspective note ‘Versterking Stad Op De Kaart’, that tells the reader about the positioning and vision of the city Arnhem. Everything that Arnhem is, should be captured in this image: creative, green, sustainable, you name it.

Because I’ve never lived in Arnhem, this was an interesting search to what these important things actually are, what makes it such a remarkable city? Of course I got to know the city because I spent 6 months working there, but especially through this project, I now see the city through different eyes. Neighbour cities were also important, like Wageningen and Nijmegen, but Arnhem also has connections with Den Haag and Wuhan (China).

Because the municipality was so excited about how the illustration turned out, we also made a second one that is more about the surroundings in the province Gelderland, like surrounding cities and the Betuwe.

Do click on these images to view them a bit more up close: zoom in and out and wander around!